Incompass Forex – Profile

Established in this sector in 2003, Incompass Forex is an independently owned financial solutions company focusing exclusively on foreign exchange. Being based and registered in South Africa gives us the opportunity to offer our service to South African Citizens, Permanent Residents and Non Residents, (which of course means everyone with a need for forex transfer services).

With offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, we are now assisting with currency transfers to the tune of hundreds of millions of Rands a year, and we are in the enviable position of having a reputation as one of the best forex providers in South Africa – a reputation we aim to keep and build upon.

Incompass Forex receives the majority of its clients through referrals from professional bodies like accountants, attorneys and immigration practitioners, but also a significant amount through happy and satisfied clients. We consider our existing clients to be at the heart of our business making first hand referrals our major source for growth. There is nothing as important to us as looking after our clients; we understand and realise the power of the personal referral.

And the benefits of working with Incompass Forex? Everything you’ve just read and….

  1. No service fees – typically saving you between R300 & R500 per transaction.
  2. Better service – offering you a ‘private banking’ style of Forex, (Easily accessible, Time saving and mobile).
  3. Knowledge of Exchange Control (essential for transfers both in to and out of South Africa).
  4. Bank Beating Rates – working with the top banks to secure the best rates for you.

What’s the Process?

You should note that being FSB, (Financial Services Board), registered here in South Africa means that wherever you are and whoever you are, you are able to use our Forex services. However, due to the Money Laundering Act, you must first complete a non-obligatory and free Registration form which doubles as our FICA or KYC documentation. Once that is done, you may trade with us once, twice or as many times as you need… for ever.

And Finally…

We are pleased to offer our skilled, well-organized and cost-effective Forex service to individuals and businesses needing to buy or sell currency. With years of experience and an enthusiastic and committed team, allow us help you and take care of this important and potentially time consuming area of your financial life. Foreign exchange transfers have never been this easy.

Contact our local agent Christopher Stokes on + 27 (0) 82 400 5859 or e-mail him here to ensure your forex transfer into South Africa is executed in the most efficient and cost effective way.