Transfer Forex out of South Africa

Save money on your currency transfers, Incompass can assist with all your forex needs,  for foriegn exchange money  transfers both in and out of South Africa.

Transferring currency out of South Africa can be an inconvenient and complex business leading to frustration and irritation. The result is often the acceptance of a poor rate for your forex transfer.

The process of transferring forex out of South Africa begins with the quite complex procedure of obtaining the necessary Tax Clearances and Reserve Bank Permissions. For many seeking to transfer money out of South Africa it is this very first step that causes the most anguish.

Most probably you will contact your bank, who unfortunately offer little in the way of assistance in obtaining the appropriate clearances and permissions. You may then go on to see accountants or start queuing at the Revenue Service – either or both costing you money and time. This will then lead on to time delays and very often at the end of all this your levels of exasperation with the whole process will lead to you ‘not caring’ about the forex exchange rate, but just being grateful that the transaction has at last been achieved.

Welcome to a new way of doing things.

Our Forex transfer service for sending currency out of South Africa operates in a very different way.

Let’s start with the personal service level one should expect:

  • We realise that you don’t operate on a 9am – 5pm basis so neither do we. While we can’t promise a 24 hour service you’ll find we are available at most hours for your call – try us now on + 27 (0) 82 400 5859.
  • You are never a number with us, you’ll have a dedicated member of our team to look after your needs and you can enjoy an environment more associated with private banking.
  • We come to you – we are happy where appropriate to visit you at your place of work or at your home to discuss your needs and to assist in completing the paperwork.

Now what about the knowledge levels:

  • Our team are highly educated and trained individuals (as an example the head of our forex desk is also an Internationally qualified Tax Lawyer)
  • We specialise in Exchange Control regulations, obtaining tax clearances and providing you the information you need when conducting a forex transfer.

And the charges:

  • We levy no administration charges for forex transfers
  • We levy no charges for assisting you in obtaining the required clearances and approvals

And the forex exchange rates:

  • Our forex exchange rates are market leading
  • We typically save you between 1.5% – 2.5% of the amount you are transferring – so on a million rand that’s R15,000 – R25,000

How do we do it?

Each year Incompass Forex conducts transfers to the tune of hundreds of millions of rand on behalf of our clients. This enables us to negotiate rates that simply are not available to the public or business owner.

Getting started

Registration is free, non obligatory and simple. To start benefiting from better rates, better service and expert advice for your forex transfers out of South Africa either call our local agent Christopher Stokes on + 27 (0) 82 400 5859 or e-mail him here.